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Alexander Ivashkin, cellist


[Note: publications total more than 300 – articles, CD booklets, concert reviews, Radio talks – in Russian, English, German, Italian, Polish, Dutch, Swedish. The following is selective list, the complete list available on request]
  • Books

    1. [in collaboration with other writers]
      The Stars of the Bolshoi Theatre.
      Moscow, Music, 1976.
    2. [in collaboration with other writers]
      Bolshoi Opera Soloists
      Moscow, Music, 1978

    3. click to enlarge
      Sviatoslav Knushevitsky
      [portrait of the cellist]

      Moscow, Music, 1977.

    4. click to enlarge
      Canon in music as an aesthetic principle.
      Moscow, Arts History Institute, 1978.

    5. click to enlarge
      Daniel Shafran [portrait of the cellist].

      Moscow, Music, 1980.

    6. Shostakovich's Chamber Music. Moscow, Philharmonia, 1981.

    7. click to enlarge
      Krzysztof Penderecki. Monograph.

      Moscow, Soviet Composer, 1983. 126 pp.

    8. click to enlarge
      Alfred Schnittke: annotated complete catalogue of works.
      Moscow, Soviet Composer, 1987. English version, Milan, Ricordi, 1988.

    9. click to enlargeCharles Ives i muzyka XX vieka [Charles Ives and the twentieth-century music]. Monograph.

      Moscow, Soviet Composer, 1991. 464 pp.
      ISBN 5-85285-133

    10. click to enlarge Schnittke.
      Turin, EDT, 1993. 249 p.

    11. click to enlarge
      Charles Ives i muzyka XX vieka.
      Moscow, Institute of Arts History, 1993. 50 pp.

    12. click to enlarge
      Besedy s Alfredom Schnittke
      [Alfred Schnittke: conversations, essays, materials].

      Moscow, The Culture Publishers, 1994. 304 pp. ISBN 5-8334-0008-2
      Second Edition: 1998.
      Japanese Edition: Tokyo, 2002.

    13. click to enlarge
      Alfred Schnittke. A biography

      London, Phaidon Press, 1996, 240 pp.
      ISBN 0-7148-3169-7

    14. click to enlarge
      (On the Life and Achievement of Mstislav Rostropovich).

      Frankfurt-Schweinfurth, Reimund Maier Verlag, 1997. 142 pp.
      ISBN 3-926300-30-2

    15. click to enlarge Alfred Schnittke über das Leben und die Musik
      Düsseldorf-München, Econ Verlag, 1998, 350 pp.

    16. click to enlarge
      A Schnittke Reader

      Indiana UP, Bloomington /Indianapolis, 2002, 352 pp.
      ISBN 0-253-33818-2

    17. click to enlargeBesedy s Alfredom Schnittke
      [Alfred Schnittke: conversations, essays, materials].
      Third, Revised Edition. Moscow, 'Classica-XXI', 2003, 316 pp.: Fourth, revised Edition: Moscow, Klassika XXI, 2006, ISBN 5-89817-051-2

    18. click to enlarge Schnittke o muzyke
      Moscow, Kompozitor, 2004, 407 pp. ISBN 5-85285-491-3

    19. click to enlarge

      Tokyo: Shunjusha Publishing Company, 2007. 280 pp.
      ISBN 978-4-393-93518-7

      English summary…

    20. After Shostakovich.
      Bloomington-Indianapolis, Indiana UP.

    21. click to enlarge Contemplating Shostakovich: Life, Music and Film
      Edited by Alexander Ivashkin and Andrew Kirkman
      Ashgate, December 2012. 305 p.

      See recent publications sample texts on:

    22. click to enlarge Rozhovory ALFREDA SCHNITTKEHO s violoncellistou Alexandrem Ivaškinem

      Ostravská univerzita v Ostravě, 2015
      ISBN 978-80-7464-832-8

  • Articles / papers in journals (selected listing)

    1. Chamber Lyrics by Tigran Mansuryan. Literary Armenia, Yerevan. 1971, No.4
    2. Igor Stravinsky In Memoriam. Sovetskaya Muzyka, Moscow, 1973, No.4
    3. Different decisions. Sovetskaya Muzyka, Moscow, 1973, No.6
    4. After fifteen years... Sovetskaya Muzyka, Moscow, 1973, No.6
    5. Competitors? No, artists! Sovetskaya Muzyka, Moscow, 1973, No.12
    6. One-act operas by Stravonsky and Rakhmaninov. Sovetskaya Muzyka, Moscow, 1974, No.7
    7. Interesting chamber music programmes. Sovetskaya Muzyka, Moscow, 1974, No.5
    8. Ateliers by A.Nikolaev and V.Barkauskas. Sovetskaya Muzyka, Moscow, 1974, No.8
    9. Zikl Gnessinzev. Sovetskaya Muzyka, Moscow, 1974, No.9
    10. Carmen-Galina Borissova, Sovetskaya Muzyka, Moscow, 1975, No.3
    11. Vozvrashchenie k zhanru, Sovetskaya Muzyka, Moscow, 1975, No.10
    12. Sources of the modern principles of the thematic unity, Trudy Instituta Gnessinykh, Moscow,1975, vol.22
    13. Maturity of the Lithuanian Chamber Orchestra, Sovetskaya Muzyka, Moscow, 1977, No.12
    14. Yarkaya, nezauryadnaya lichnost', Sovetskaya Muzyka, Moscow, 1978. No.5
    15. Variaions on the theme: Natalia Gutman-Oleg Kagan, Sovetskaya Muzyka, Moscow, 1978, No.9
    16. Only one hour… Sovetskaya Muzyka, Moscow, 1979, No.3
    17. Remeslo ne yest' vdokhnovenie, Sovetskaya Muzyka, Moscow, 1979,No.6
    18. Music Weeks in Budapest, Muzykalnaya Zhizn', Moscow, 1980, No.24
    19. At Zagreb Biennale, Sovetskaya Muzyka, Moscow, 1981, No.11
    20. Charles Ives, Muzykalnaya Zhizn'. Moscow, 1981, No.14
    21. Two Decades of the Biennale, Muzykalnaya Zhizn', Moscow, 1981, No.18
    22. Stravinsky's Chamber Music, Melodiya, Moscow, 1982, No.3
    23. Moscow portrait of Olivier Messiaen, Muzykalnaya Zhizn', Moscow, 1982, No.19
    24. Snova na Biennale, Muzykalnaya Zhizn', Moscow, 1983, No.17
    25. Krzysztof Penderecki, Muzykalnaya Zhizn', Moscow,1983, No.18
    26. The First Symphony of Shostakovich, Muzykalnaya Zhizn', Moscow, 1984, No.
    27. Charles Ives: la scoperta dell'America. Musica/Realta, no.13, Milano, 1984
    28. The Third Symphony by Alfred Schnittke, Melodiya, Moscow, 1984, No.4
    29. Natalia Gutman (portrait of virtuoso cellist), Music in the USSR, Moscow,1985, No.2
    30. Zhivyye kartiny istorii (on Glazunov's Symphonies), Melodiya, Moscow, 1986, No.2
    31. Stereotypen des Lebens, in Symbole verwandelt. Neue Zeitschrift für Musik, no.10, 1985
    32. Penderecki today, Melodiya, Moscow, 1986, No.3
    33. Nakanune tridzatiletiya (on 'Warshaw Autumn' Festival, a survey), Muzykalnaya Zhizn', Moscow,1986,No.10
    34. Das Paradoxon des Traditionellen in der Musik von Charles Ives. Kunst und Literatur., vol.6, Nov-Dec 1987.
    35. Faradg Karayev (portrait of the composer), Music in the USSR, Moscow, 1987, October-December.
    36. Dall'immagine e la forma al simbolo e alla metafora. Musica/Realta, no.26, Milano, 1988.
    37. Vechnoye, siyuminutnoe (about musical life in USA and John Cage, including interview with him), Sovetskaya Muzyka, Moscow, 1988, No.1
    38. Muzyka kak bolshaya scena (on Mauricio Kagel's music, including an interview with him), Sovetskaya Muzyka, Moscow, 1988, No.8
    39. Ne ostanavlivayas' v poiske (on Penderecki's music and his Festival in Poland), Sovetskaya Muzyka, Moscow, 1989, No.4
    40. Alfred Schnittke, Muzykalnaya Zhizn', Moscow,1988, No.5
    41. 'I am soldier of Perestroika on a Western Front' (on Mstislav Rostropovich), Krugozor, Moscow, 1989, No.7
    42. Post-October Soviet art: canon and symbol. The Musical Quarterly, vol.74, no.2, 1990.
    43. Kult originalnosti ili sklonnost' k samoanalizu ?'/Cult of originality or tendency to the self-analysis? Moskovski Muzykoved / Moscow Musicologist, vol.2, Moscow, 'Muzyka' State Publishers, 1991
    44. 'Pust' pesnia vsegda budet pesnei [Let song to be always a song]. John Cage's essays on Charles Ives and Charles Ives's Postface to '114 Songs'. Translated into Russian (with the comments). Sovetskaia Muzyka /Soviet Music, no.7, Moscow, July 1991
    45. Chetyre kruga odnogo puti [Alfred Schnittke and his ballet 'Peer Gynt']. Sovetskaja Muzyka, no.1, 1991: 29-35
    46. The paradox of Russian Non-Liberty. The Musical Quarterly, vol.76, no.4, 1992: 543-556 (PDF, 532 Kb)
    47. Shostakovich and Schnittke, Music Academy, no. 1, 1995, Moscow
    48. '…und wenn es mir den Hals bricht'. Zum Gedenken an Alfred Schnittke. MusikTexte. Heft 78, March 1999, Köln, Germany, S.27-28.
    49. Glubina barkhata: Alfredu Schnittke posviashchayetsya. Moscow, State Schnittke Institute, 1999, p.12-19.
    50. Langemann, Irene, director. Russia's Wonder Children. (Film Review), In 'Slavic Review' (USA), 2000/October.
    51. Remembering Alfred Schnittke. Rossica, 2000, No.1. London, 2000
    52. Logic of Absurdity or Taste of Freedom? Alexander Knaifel and his opera 'Alice in Wonderland' in Amsterdam. Tempo, 219 , December 2001.
    53. Story of a Friendship. Shostakovich's letters to Isaac Glikman. Tempo, 220, March 2002, p. 29-30.
    54. 'My vsyo vremya dolzhny stremit'sya k novomu' ['We have to make discoveries'], Myzykal'naya Akademia, 2004/3
    55. 'Budushchee ravnodushno k strastiam ushedshikh vremion' ['Future is not interested in the past sufferings'], Muzykal'naya Academia, Moscow, Kompozitor, 2004/4 , p.15-17.
    56. 'Russian Rules' ,  ABC Limelight, 2007/1, Sydney,  Australian Broadcasting Corporation: 32-35.
    57. 'Radius Solis,' Three OrangesJournal of the Serge Prokofiev Foundation. London, No. 14 ( October, 2007) :25-27.
    58. 'Podsolnukh' ['Sunflower']. Rostropovich in memoriam. Muzykal'naya Academia,  2007/3: 1 - 8.
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    69. 'John Cage in Soviet Russia.' Tempo, Vol. 66 (266), 2013: 1–10.

    70. click to enlarge'Krossover i dvoynaia pererabotka v sovetskoy i postsovetskoy muzyke.' ['Crossover and double processing in Soviet and post-Soviet music'] Translation from English to Russian and comments by Yuliya Panteleyeva.

      in Slovo kompozitora o kompozitore: sbornik statey i materialov, Moscow, The Gnessins Russian Academy of Music, 2016: 15–30.

    71. click to enlarge'Symbols, Metaphors and Irrationalities in Twentieth-Century Music'.

      in Facets of Russian Irrationalism between Art and Life, ed. by Olga Tabachnikova. Leiden: Koninklijke Brill NV, 2016: 415–432.

    72. click to enlarge'The Schnittke Code'.

      in Schnittke Studies, ed. by Gavin Dixon. Dedicated to the memory of Alexander Ivashkin. New York, NY: Routledge, 2017: 197–208.

  • Interviews (selected)

    1. Mnogotochie Shostakovicha [Shostakovich's Three dots]., 07/09/2010. (In Russian)
    2. Aleksandr Ivashkin: "Moya zadacha — sblizit' russkuyu i zapadnuyu kul'turu" [Alexander Ivashkin: "My goal — to bring together Russian and western culture"]. Angliya: Russian Weekly Newspaper №25 (331), 2012. (In Russian)
    3. Alexander Ivashkin: "Dukh vremeni vazhnee razlichiia stilei" [Alexander Ivashkin: "Spirit of the time is more important than difference of styles"]. Igraem s nachala #10 (114), October 2013. (In Russian)

  • Chapters in books and books edited

    1. Chapters in books

      1. Modal scales in modern music. Sovremennye Problemy Muzykalnogo Analiza, Moscow, Gnessins Music Institute, 1976: 24-48
      2. Dmitry Shostakovich. Mastera Muzyki i baleta, Moscow, 1978: 260-281
      3. 'Katerina Ismailova' by Shostakovich (history of the opera, a preface), 'Katerina Ismailova', Moscow, Bolshoi Opera Edition, 1980: 1-12
      4. Charles Ives: the world of his music.  Muzykalny Sovremennik. Moscow, Soviet Composer, 1984: 246-273
      5. Komponist und Interpret in schoepferischer Zusammenarbeit.  Arbeitshefte, 37, Berlin, Akademie der Kuenste der DDR, 1984: 83-90
      6. Music by Avet Terterian, Rodion Shchedrin, Alfred Schnittke, George Crumb, Sergei Slonimsky. Booklet, 28th Warsaw Autumn, Warsaw, 1985: 78-85
      7. Alfred Schnittke and his Third Symphony. Booklet,  29th Warsaw Autumn, Warsaw, 1986: 242-244
      8. An unconstrained and independent path.  Almeida Festival Booklet. London, 1989
      9. Den Fjaerde Dimensionen [on Alfred Schnittke's music].  Konsertnytt. Stockholm, October, 1989: 6-16
      10. Symbol in new Russian culture.  Music Forum. London, Gordon and Breach, 1990
      11. Sowietische Musik. Von der Struktur zum Symbol.  Sowietische Musik im Licht der Perestroika. Laaber, 1990: 109-117
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    2. Dictionary articles

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      2. Alfred Schnittke. In New Grove Dictionary, Macmillan, L., 2001

    3. Scores edited

      1. Charles Ives. Works for Orchestra. Critical Edition. Compiled, prefaced and commented by A.Ivashkin. Kiev, 'Muzychna Ukraina', 1990. 230 p.
      2. Twentieth-century American piano music. (Editor, and author of Preface) Moscow, 'Muzika' State Publishers, 1991. 120 p.
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      5. Rakhmaninov. Melody on a Theme, for cello and piano.  First publication. Hamburg, Hans Sikorski Musikverlage ( in preparation)

      6. click to enlarge Alfred Schnittke: Collected Works.
        Critical Edition (based on the composer’s archive materials). 2009-2012

        A joint project of the Compozitor Publishing House, St Petersburg, the Schnittke family Archive, and The Alfred Schnittke Archive at the Centre for Russian Music, Goldsmiths, University of London.

        More details…

With Daniel Shafran and Natalia Pavlutskaya, Moscow

With Daniel Shafran and Natalia Pavlutskaya, Moscow

Old friends with Krzysztof Penderecki, 1979

Old friends with Krzysztof Penderecki, 1979

Working on second edition of 'Conversations' with Alfred Schnittke

Working on second edition of 'Conversations' with Alfred Schnittke

Presentation of 'Rostrospektive'. Kronberg Cello Festival 1997. With Mstislav Rostropovich, Natalia Shakhovskaya, Martha Casals, David Geringas

Presentation of 'Rostrospektive'. Kronberg Cello Festival 1997.
With Mstislav Rostropovich, Natalia Shakhovskaya, Martha Casals, David Geringas